Thursday, June 19, 2014

Something New

Will it last?  I don't know. I had the idea of separating the painting posts on my first blog, Dogs, Chickens, and Me, from my many comments on what I experience as a maker of so-called art.  I'm not sure there is a way of distinguishing one from the other, but I plan to try.  For this first post I will download my very latest work...a miniature about 3x5.  I've been experimenting with this way of working, inspired my my old friend Janet who is now an internationally known artist.  This is partly to give me something new to try and partly due to the fact that I can't afford the materials to do big paintings anymore.  Also I have shoulder problems that I won't go into which prevent me from lifting my arms high enough to use an easel.  Age is catching up with me.

So here is my little painting, the fifth or sixth miniature I have done....the first one that shows much promise.  Later I plan to post pictures of the paintings I have done over the years..maybe starting with the oldest (also the best).  There is a definite decline in my expertise, but I can't blame age for that.  I will talk more about that, I'm sure.

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  1. I get a very "longing for the good old fashion" feeling from this, missing those days. Thx for sharing!