Sunday, June 29, 2014

Three Watercolors

I've posted these paintings on my other blog, but I want to put them here, too.  I'm hoping to get a good representation of my work in one place.  These three are scenes here in Eastport.  The top is the back of my house as seen from Diana's deck.  The middle is Wilson St., where I lived in the first house on the left for a couple of years.  The bottom is looking down a dead end street near Wilson St. where I used to walk the dogs.  I've painted it looking in the other direction, too.  I will try to find it.  One thing about selling so few paintings is that I have a huge collection of my own work. It seems almost ridiculous to hoard all that stuff. But I feel better about it knowing that my beloved teacher Betty Lou Schlemm has amassed somewhere around 500 paintings which she is exhibiting in Rockport (Massachusetts) right now.  The proceeds from the show will benefit the local animal shelter and a cancer treatment facility where she has done several free demonstrations.  Mine will not have such a noble end.

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